How to Quicken Your Work Pace by Automatically Adding Decimal Point or Zeros to Numbers in Excel

Excel has some very practical features, which can improve your work efficiency greatly. And today’s tip of adding decimal point or zeros to a number automatically is also one of them. Some small features in Excel also have great effect to our work. If your work has deep relation with numbers, the application of Excel is your first choice. Sometimes, the numbers has some similarities. For example, the numbers of same property all contain decimals or the numbers are very large and they have...

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2 Quick Tips to Wrap Long Texts in Excel Cells so that All Contents are Visible

The interface of Excel is very neat and clean mainly due to its cells in the sheet. But sometimes the text in a cell will mess up because of long contents. Therefore, we will now introduce two different ways to wrap long texts so that all contents are visible. In an Excel, except for entering data, you will certainly input some other information, such as some explanations. Most of the time, you will find that the default size of the cell is not large enough to show all the text. Besides,...

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How to Remove the Flags of Outlook Emails Individually or in Batches

Outlook not only allows you to flag emails by yourselves but also permits the others to send flagged emails to you. If you’ dislike receiving this kind of flags, you could remove them. This article will teach you how to remove the flags individually or in batches. Sometimes for future follow-up, I will flag some emails which are related to some important working. In this case, I can see them in my task list. However, after completing the task, I prefer to remove the flags instead of mark...

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