How to Convert Between Text and Table in Outlook Messages

As we all know, in MS Word, we can convert text to table and vice versa freely. The same holds true for Outlook. This article will discuss about how to convert between text and table in Outlook messages. Sometimes when I try to copy a table of statistics from an external file to Outlook message, the table will be shown in text instead of in table. It may mess up the data. In this case, I wish to convert the text to table without needs to create a new table and input the data one by one. Here...

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6 Best Tricks to Troubleshoot Outlook Problems

Outlook is widely used nowadays, but it isn’t utterly reliable due to its vulnerability. This article will teach you 6 best and most effective techniques to troubleshoot Outlook problems. As a regular user of Outlook for a long time, I have come across various Outlook problems. More often than not, these issues may arise from the oversized PST file, harmful add-ins in Outlook, antivirus scanner, corrupted profile or compromised Outlook file. Thus we can take the corresponding...

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How to Unify the Format and Type of Your Excel Charts through Paste Special Function

In Excel, the chart is an indispensable tool for data analysis. And now in this article, we will discuss about unify the chart format and type through paste special in Excel. In an Excel workbook or worksheet, you will certainly create several charts. And for each chart, you will probably set the different format. Sometimes, you need to unify the format. And sometimes, you even want to make all the charts into the same type. So you need to set the format for each chart manually. This is...

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