2 Methods to Password Protect Your Excel Workbooks (Part II)

In the previous article, we have discussed the first method to set password for Excel. Here we will continue this topic. Except for the first method to set password, you can also use the following way. And we will show you the detail steps. Set Passwords: Method 2 Click “File” in the ribbon. Next click “Protect Workbook”. In the new menu, click the option “Encrypt with Password”. And then input the password into the new pop-up window. Next click “OK”. ...

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2 Methods to Password Protect Your Excel Workbooks (Part I)

The security of Excel is rather important for individuals and companies. Here we will discuss about how to set or delete passwords for workbooks in detail. When you are dealing with an essential Excel file, you will certainly want to protect it. There are many methods to protect your file. And Excel itself has also provided a way. You can set passwords for Excel to protect it. Here we will demonstrate how to set or delete passwords in the following passage. There are 2 ways to set passwords...

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How to Insert Background Music into Your Word Document

In today’s article, we intend to present you the approach to inserting background music into your Word document. Every once in a while, some of you may run into occasions when you have to manage a long Word document. And chances are that you may easily get bored. So how about the idea to add background music to your Word document? By doing so, you shall enjoy your favorite songs when you open the file. It can surely bring you much joy but influence your work in no way. How appealing...

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