3 Practical Methods to Move around a Worksheet in Your Excel

Some basic manipulations in Excel are very clever. And in this article, we will introduce 3 methods to move around a worksheet. You will certainly move around worksheets to check for some data and information. And except for using the mouse wheel, there are also 3 ways to move. Method 1: Use the Scroll Bar This is a very common method in Excel. But it is very useful in your actual manipulation. There are two scroll bars in the interface of worksheet: the vertical scroll bar and the...

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2 Steps to Convert All the Recurrences of an Appointment into Separate Ones

It may be troublesome and difficult to delete and modify recurring appointments. So why not convert all of them into separate ones? This article will look at this issue and provide the detailed steps to you. Outlook allows us to create a series of appointments with “Recurrence” feature. But when we find the recurring appointments have cluttered up our calendar, we will hope to turn the series into individuals and then delete the undesired ones. Actually simple 2 steps can accomplish...

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SQL Server Maintenance Tips for Mid Sized firms

In this article we look at how mid sized firms can establish the recovery protocol for SQL Server instances implemented in their organization. In-case of most mid size firm, their primary technical requirement is that SQL Server should work continuously and effectively. They do not concentrate much on its efficiency or getting the most of it, primarily because there is not much data to deal with in a mid size firm as compared to a large scale enterprise. Maintenance tips are very crucial...

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