Why Excel Does Not Convert Two-Digit Year to Four-Digit Automatically in Some Cases?

Have you ever meet with problems that Excel cannot identify the two-digit year you input into cells? In this article, we will explore the reason behind this phenomenon. The date in Excel is a very ordinary element that you will use. And to make things easier, you can enter the two-digit year into cells. For example, if you input “10-25-16” into a cell, it will automatically change into “10/25/2016”. If you input the four-digit year date “10-25-2016” into a cell, you will get the...

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How to Save Your Time by Using Custom Views in Excel

Most of us will ignore the feature of custom views in Excel. So in this article, we will talk about this feature in detail. The custom views have effects on printing settings, hidden rows, columns and filter settings. And in this article, we will take the filter settings as an example. In a worksheet, you will use the filter feature to analyze data. But after the task, you need to disable this feature. If the next time you need to use the same criteria to filter data, you need to set the...

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How to Fix Damaged MDF and LDF files in SQL Server

This post is intended to explain the importance and functionalities of MDF and LDF file in an SQL Server, along with common reasons due to which they go corrupt. The section further discusses ways to repair these damaged files. Introduction of SQL Server Files SQL Server by Microsoft is a database management system. The system stores and helps retrieve data as and when requested by other applications. There are mainly three files in this server namely – MDF, NDF, and LDF. First two files...

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