Why We Must Have a Disaster Recovery Plan for SQL Server Database?

This post is aimed at explaining users various aspects of disaster recovery plan in SQL database. The post covers aspects like what is included in a disaster recovery plan and how to select a recovery model. Why Disaster Recovery Plan is So Important? The most important consideration for any SQL server database administration is to have a recovery plan ready against all potential disasters. A backup and restore strategy that is well-designed as well as tested is only your gateway to recover...

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Do’s and Don’ts of SQL Server Programming

May be you are just getting started with learning SQL server programming. May be you are facing some performance related issues. Or, perhaps you just like learning new stuff.  Regardless, you will find this post insightful on the do’s and don’ts of SQL Server programming and maintenance. If you follow these dos and don’ts religiously, you can greatly enhance the performance of your SQL Server.  Other than that, it’s always good to have some tips handy, for you never know when you...

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Why Backups are Essential to Recover from SQL Server Database Disasters

In this article, we will first discuss why regular backups are so important for SQL Server database disaster recovery. Then we will introduce the way to keep backups in good conditions and how to respond to database corruptions. SQL Server Database Disaster One should know that disasters related to SQL database management are highly unpredictable. What’s more, you cannot avoid them from happening. The best you can do is stay prepared for the worst situations. That’s why the best measure...

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