2 Quick Methods to Create an Attractive Comment with Custom Shape in Excel

If you are bored with the default comment shape, you can also change it according to your own preference. The default shape of comment is the same as the image below shows. But today, you can also change the shape. There are two different methods to change the comment shape. But actually you will use two different objects in Excel. Let’s see how the two different methods work and find out their difference. Method 1: Make the Shape Serve as Comment Shape is a very common feature in...

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4 Basic Usages of IF function in Excel

IF function is a widely used function in Excel formulas. In this article, we will discuss about its basic usage. IF function will judge the values that you give and return the corresponding result. Although the basic usage is very simple, you can still fulfill many complex tasks through the combination of IF function and other functions. 1.The Basic Usage Here you can know the original usage of the IF function. In this image, you can see the sales volume of a sales...

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Deep Dive into the Concept of Exchange Server Database

In this article, we are going to see what exactly the Exchange server database is and its working functionality. It will be a kind of deep dive into the concept to make you understand better. Introduction: Ever wondered how your mails are getting stored in the Exchange server? What exactly happening in the background? If you are not sure then no worries, this article will clearly explain how it is happening in the background. We need to look at the various stages in order to understand its...

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