How to Split Outlook Message Window for More Convenient View

When we receive a pretty long email message in Outlook, we will have to scroll up and down repeatedly to view it. It is a little bit cumbersome. So why not use “Split window” feature in Outlook? This article will talk about it in detail. By splitting Outlook message window, you will be able to view a long message in 2 areas, both of which are scrollable and editable. In this case, irrespective of how long the messages are, you can view them without repetitively scrolling upward and...

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3 Effective Methods to Extract Comments from Your Word Document

In this article, we will talk about 3 effective ways to extract comments from your Word document for various purposes. Generally to have other people commented on our Word document is a vital part of our office work. But the problem is that sometimes comments can make your file look like a huge mess. Moreover, you may need these comments yet want they no part of your file. It is therefore we have the following three methods for you to enable you to export comments from your Word file so you...

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4 Quick Tips to Access Your Recent Word Documents

This article is devoted to introduce you 4 quick tips to open your recent used Word file to save time. Sometimes, you may have to work on the same Word file for quite a time. Then you will access the file quite often. Usually, we will find the file by going to the location where we save it. However, this way costs time. Moreover, here is another question: what if you happen to forget the file location? That is definitely a huge problem. Therefore, follow us to grasp the bellowing 4 tips...

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