3 Methods to Put Texts to the Margin of Your Word Document

In this piece of writing, we will present you 3 different methods to create margin texts in your Word document. Once in a while, we can see on brochures that texts are displayed on page margins. Therefore, in case you too, want to add some texts which are useful but not quite relevant to document content, we here will offer you 3 varying methods for you to complete the task in Word. Method 1: Set Negative Indent First and foremost, select the text which you want to put in margin. ...

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4 Quick Tips to Keep Your MS Access Database Secure

In this article we look at ways of keeping an Ms Access database secure from possible security threats Keeping the user data secure from any kind of unwanted access is usually one of the top priorities of any organization. Ensuring the safety of sensitive user data is not only important because it keeps the consumers safe and maintains the reputation of the company, but because secure user data is one of the greatest assets any company can have. Now if you are using Ms Access databases...

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5 Effective Ways to Input a Stacked or Skewed Fraction in Your Word Document

This article is devoted to showing you 5 effective ways which works well in getting a stacked or skewed fraction for you Word document. Generally, when we need to insert a fraction in Word document, we will just enter a linear one by entering a slash between the numerator and denominator. However, there can be times when we do need a stacked or skewed fraction, such as below: Obviously, we cannot directly type to get one. So there are 5 actually working methods in this writing for you...

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