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Flexible Use of Auto-Reply in Outlook

Sometimes, we may be away from our computers so that we cannot reply the emails on time. Thus it is time to activate the function of auto-reply in Outlook. Although computer has become an essential component of our daily life, it is impossible for us to stay next to computer forever. For example, you won’t travel with a heavy computer. However, when you are travelling outside, others may send emails to you. I believe, when you lose a business due to miss of an email, you will regret...

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How to Create and Cancel Meetings in Outlook

Nowadays, we prefer to use MS Outlook to manage a massive number of emails and schedules. Actually, we can create meeting and cancel it in Outlook as well. Have you ever missed any important meeting? Have you ever tried to inform others of any important meetings? Or have you ever tried to cancel a meeting but could not informed everyone? Sometimes, when we need to invite others to attend a meeting, we always inform them face to face or by telephone. In fact, there is a better method to send...

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How to Recall Sent Emails in Outlook

When you find that the sent email is not as you expected, you certainly hope that you can recall it. In this article, we will learn how to recall sent emails. At present, email has nearly replaced traditional hand-writing letters completely. In our daily life, after signing in our email on computer, we can send emails to all people who own email address. Unquestionably, it is more convenient than traditional hand-writing letters. However, we have to admit that despite email’s...

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