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Attaching Files in MS Outlook from the Cloud – A Primer

Cloud storage is all rage now and Outlook 2016 builds in the capacity to attach documents from the cloud. Are you tired of looking out for files to attach in your Outlook emails every time an important attachment is needed to be sent? Then, here comes a revolutionary method for attaching files in the new MS Outlook 2016 version. Gone are the days, when you had to scroll through your system to look for the file that is to be attached and sent to the sender; now the new and amazing Cloud...

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2 Clicks to Forward Emails in Batches

Forwarding emails has been a frequent action when we deal with emails in Outlook. In this article I will introduce how to forward emails in batches. In our daily work, apart from writing and sending emails, we often need to forward emails as well. Sometimes, we even would be required to forward a massive number of emails. You may take it for granted that you would forward these emails one by one, which does result in a waste of time. Actually we can use only 2 clicks to forward all. It...

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3 Easy Steps to Remind Recipients in Outlook

In this article we will explore how we can create reminders for our recipients, in case that they forget replying us. Everyone must have met the situation that someone forgets replying us. In this situation, we would be always waiting their reply for a long time. I suppose that everyone doesn’t like this kind of limitless waiting. Perhaps we could call that person directly by telephone. However, at times it is not convenient for us to contact with someone by telephone. For example, we...

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