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How to Stick Flagged Messages at the Top of Email List

Outlook permits us to flag the messages to remind ourselves to deal with later. Someone also wants to stick flagged messages at the top of email list. Here is a method. I am used to flagging the messages that I plan to tackle later. Moreover, I also prefer to utilize flag to mark some special emails. In conclusion, flagged messages are considerably significant in my Outlook. Thus I want to stick them at the top of email list so that I can quickly access them. If you are interested in it as...

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2 Quick Methods to Input Duplicate Column Headers in Excel

The worksheets in Excel allow you to classify and manage statistics in a better manner. Hence today we recommend the Excel tips of inputting duplicate column headers in this article. In each Excel worksheet, you can input your data and information. Sometimes in an Excel file, you need to set several similar worksheets. For example, in this image, you can see that there are 6 classes in total. And now you need to input scores of seven subjects for each class. And you have to input the...

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How to Add Units to Numbers in Excel Quickly

Excel has many functions that are waiting for you to explore. And some of the Excel tips are really very simple to learn. Thus, here we recommend how to add units to numbers. In an Excel files, you will certainly add some data into the cells in a worksheet. However, sometimes, only a number is not sufficient enough to convey the meaning. Therefore, you need to add some other elements to the number. And the following is a similar example: This is a table of weight. And now, you need to add...

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