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2 Ways to Set Color to Alternate Rows or Columns in Excel

Excel has many powerful features that attract people to use it. And today we will introduce two ways to set color to alternate rows or columns in Excel. Excel is usually used to store and analyze data and information. And it is sometimes difficult for us to read the data in white color. Therefore, you can add different colors into different rows and columns. And with different color in different rows or columns, it is much easier for you to see the information in a big worksheet. But adding...

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5 Steps to Customize a Search Folder for Meeting Messages

Meeting messages include all kinds of meeting requests, accept, and decline and so on. In order not to mix them with common emails, it is advisable to create a specified search folder, such that you can deal with them more conveniently. I keep receiving lots of meeting messages every day. I have to deal with them to make an update of my schedule. However, faced with so many emails in my Inbox, I find it difficult to distinguish meeting emails. Thus I opt to create a search folder for them....

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2 Ways to Modify Default Reminder Time for Your Tasks

Many people want to set a default reminder time as per their needs, such that they needn’t constantly change the reminder time. This article will offer two quick methods. I have discovered that all of my reminders for tasks today are set at 4 PM as default. But the reminders for tomorrow, this week or next week are always at 8 AM. I certainly hope to unify the reminder times irrespective of the due dates. The followings are two effective methods which I’ve attempted. Change Your Work...

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