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5 Resolutions to Outlook Error “An Object could not be found”

Outlook error “An Object could not be found” usually appears during sending emails. In this case, delivery process will be discontinued. Here are the 5 methods to eradicate this error. I’ve ever encountered the situation that several emails are stuck in my Outbox. Then I open the “Outlook Send/Receive Progress” dialog, I found this Outlook error - “An Object could not be found”. After searching on Internet, I conclude 5 methods to eliminate it. 1. Ensure that Outlook Is Not...

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2 Steps to Automatically Delete Expired Emails at a Specified Date

Outlook not only allows us to flag emails for follow up, but also to mark emails as expired. This article will look at how to demand Outlook to delete expired emails automatically. So as to keep mailbox clean, I am accustomed to deleting some old and useless emails manually. But I always spend too much time identifying which emails are useless. To avoid this cumbersome process, I learn a method to mark the useless emails as expired. Then the expired ones will be shown in grey strikethrough...

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