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How to Protect Your Excel Worksheets with Passwords

In an Excel, you will certain input many important data and information. Thus, the security of Excel becomes rather important. Therefore, we will talk about how to protect your Excel worksheets with passwords. It is needless to talk about the security of Excel because we all know the importance of protecting it. Thus, you need to install antivirus software to prevent your computer form being attacked. In addition, you should also need to take regular backups about those essential files. And...

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How to Find the Wanted Documents More Quickly by the Preview Feature in Word

Navigating through your Word files to find the one you need may sometimes be irksome. However, you can also utilize the preview pane to view what’s inside your Word documents quickly. You may have a lot of Word documents in your computer, however, you may not be sure of which one contains the information you need. In fact, Word allows you to preview a document without having to open each one of them. And this tip can be very useful, if you have to navigate through too many word files. In...

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How to Solve Outlook Error “.pst is not compatible”

When you start Outlook 2002 or older, and try to open a PST file which is created in Outlook 2003 or newer versions, this error will pop up absolutely. This article will delve into its reason and relevant solutions. One day, unknown errors occur to my laptop. After consulting with technicians, I had no choice but to format and reinstall my windows operating system, which may take a certain time. Therefore, before formatting, I copied my Outlook data file on a Flash drive and tried to access...

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