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How to Add and Format Comments in Your Excel (Part I)

Some additional features in Excel can help you improve your work efficiency. Among those features, the comment is a very useful one. In this part, we will thoroughly introduce about inserting, hiding as well as deleting comments in Excel. Excel is usually used to store and analyze data and information in your work. But sometimes, you will probably check other people’s Excel files and see if there is any problem. In this process, you can insert comments in Excel to add the result you have...

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7 Techniques to Defeat Outlook Error “Not Implemented”

This Outlook error “Not Implemented” usually occurs when you deal with emails or click Send/Receive button. This article will discuss its roots and solutions. Various factors can evoke Outlook error “Not Implemented”, such as antivirus software integration with Outlook, harmful add-ins, damaged SRS file and corrupt MS Office installation, etc. Now I will introduce these causes in detail and provide corresponding measures. 1. Disable Antivirus Scanner First of all, you should...

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How to Mark on Your Excel Worksheets via Colorful Pens

Excel can play a significant role in your work. And some of the features can increase the readability in Excel. So today we will introduce the tool of pens in Excel. Instead of storing and analyzing data and information, Excel can also be used in other areas. For example, you will need to use an Excel file to make a presentation; you need to make a questionnaire in Excel. And you may sometimes need to check the Excel files made by other people. Thus, the tool pf pens in Excel can be a...

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