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How to Improve Your Work Efficiency via Outlook Templates

If you often need to write the emails containing the same contents, why don’t you create Outlook templates? In this article, we will discuss about how to create Outlook templates and how to access them. I’m participating in an email outreach campaign of our company. Therefore, I’m required to individually send the emails which contain the same contents but different recipients to our clients. Initially, I created a word document that included the unified content. Every time I needed to...

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How to Add and Format Comments in Your Excel (Part II)

In the previous part, we have introduced about inserting, hiding and deleting comments in Excel. And now we will continue talk about how to format comment in Excel. Once you have inserted a comment into the worksheet, you will certainly input some contents into it. And now we will introduce those settings. Set Font Format Select the contents that you want to change the format. Right click and you will see the new lists. In the list, click the option “Format Comment”. Then the...

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Why Not Let Outlook Read Emails to You When You’re Tired?

Do you know that Outlook has a “text to speech” feature? When you are tired of or averse to reading emails, Outlook can read the emails out loud. What you should do is just to listen it. Since 2010 version, Outlook keeps coming loaded with a text to speech feature. In other words, users are allowed to have Outlook read the selected text in emails for them. If you have worked for a whole day but still intend to check the new emails, why not have a rest to just listen to...

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