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How to Insert Smiley Faces into Your Excel to Make It More Interesting

Sometimes small features in Excel can add a lot of interesting to your work. Besides, today we will introduce about how to insert smiley face into your worksheet to make it more interesting. Image that you are facing your computer and do your work by Excel, you will certain feel very tired and boring. However, a small adjustment can change all your negative feelings. And this is exactly the function of a smiley face. Thus, follow us and see how to insert smiley face into your...

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Why Not Show Reminder Time Directly in Task List for Convenient Check?

When you would like to verify the task reminder time is set correctly or not, you should firstly open the task and check the reminder settings in its own window. This article will provide a quick approach to check without opening the task. Every time when I create a task, I’m accustomed to add a reminder to it. And out of insurance, I’m inclined to double check the reminder. In the past, I always open the task to check. But recently I learned a new method, namely adding Reminder Time...

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How to Make Connections between Two Excel Worksheets

Excel can help us analyze data of different information. But the data in different workbooks will reduce our work efficiency. So today we will introduce about how to make connections between two worksheets. If you need to use Excel to finish your task, there will certainly be many different workbooks in your computer. And sometimes, you need to compare the data in two different workbooks. However, it will be a little inconvenient to switch between two files. Thus, you can make connections...

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