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What to Do If Dismissed Outlook Reminders Still Pop up Repeatedly?

When you discover that the Outlook reminders which you’ve dismissed still pop up repeatedly, do not panic. You can use the following methods to tackle it. I’ve ever encountered this situation that the dismissed task reminders still pop up repeatedly. At that time, what I did the first time is to delete the tasks in To-Do list. But a few days later, it appeared again. Finally I realized that this issue may be related to the corruption of reminder list or even PST file. If you are subject...

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4 Simple Ways to Convert Word Files to Pictures

At times you may want to preserve the exact formatting of your Word document, you can accomplish this by converting you Word document to pictures. The need to convert a Word documents to pictures arises when there is a necessity to lock it, as so to prevent it from being edited. Other circumstances are that some of your readers may not have the same unusual font installed on their computers, or sometimes you don’t have the same Word versions. In such scenarios, you may wish to convert or...

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2 Simple Tricks for Manipulating Word Tables that Extend Beyond a Page

Sometimes your Word document may contain large tables that span multiple pages. To cope with these tables, our article will introduce 2 useful tricks as we shall soon see. Tables in Word are enormously popular in nearly all industries and all Word users. However, for those long and large tables in Word, you may run into some problems when creating them. To make your table look better formatted, you can make the heading rows of your table appear on every page. And also, in order to avoid...

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