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2 Methods to Fix Hyperlink Malfunctions in Outlook

If hyperlink in Outlook cannot work and Internet Explorer is the default browser on your computer, you can use the 2 methods in this article to get rid of this issue. When need to offer some Internet references to my fellows, instead of copying excessive characters, I prefer to insert according hyperlink into the emails. But on one occasion, one of them told me that the hyperlink cannot work. After a-certain-time checks, we found this problem stems from hyperlink malfunctions on his...

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How to Change the Default Folder for Inserting and Saving Attachments in Outlook

If you’ve never changed the default attachment folder before, every time you insert or save attachments in Outlook, the folder “My Document” will open. So you always need to browse to desired folder. This article will teach you how to change them. I usually store my email attachments in one unified folder. That is “Attachments” directly under “Disk C” root. So I hope that when I need to click “Save as” or “Attach file” in Outlook, the folder “C:\Attachments\” can...

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2 Ways to Remove the Horizontal Lines in the Header or Footer of Your Word Document

When you insert header or footer to your document, Word voluntarily adds a black horizontal line to the header or footer. This article will show you how to get rid of it. Sometimes, you may find an unwanted horizontal line after you insert header or footer to your Word, just like this: However, Word does not allow you to highlight or select it, and therefore you cannot easily get rid of them. To remove these unwanted lines quickly, you can refer to the following instructions. Method 1:...

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