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How to Increase the Space between Text and Underline in Your Word

You can expand the space between text and underline in your Word to make your page better formatted. This article will give you some instructions on how to do it. As you probably know, if we need to underline some words, we can click the underline icon in our Word. However, some letters, such as “g” and “y”, may overlap with the underline. By moving the underline down slightly, you can increase the space between them and solve the issue easily. And this article offers a tricky way to...

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How to Delete Meeting Invitations Along with Tentative Meetings in Calendar

When you are averse to accepting a meeting invitation and delete it via right click in Inbox, you will find that the meeting itself still exists in your Calendar. This article will tell you how to delete them altogether. I have ever experienced that my schedules in Outlook are filled with quantities of meetings. Therefore, I have to reject some addition and unimportant ones. In order to cancel them, I used to delete the invitations in Inbox directly. But later I found that meetings have been...

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