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What to Do if Excel Fails to Calculate the Values Copied from External Sources

In Excel, you will certainly do some work of calculating. Thus, today we will talk about the calculation problem appearing in values copied from other sources. Excel specializes in dealing with the calculations of numbers. However, there exists a problem in doing some calculations. Sometimes, if you copy the values from other sources, i.e. from a website, you will find errors in the calculation. The Error in Calculating Copied Values In this image, the currency values are copied from...

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How to Find Out All Emails CC’d or BCC’d to You Rapidly in Outlook

In our daily work, we may receive multiple emails CC’d or BCC’d to us. This article will teach you how to find out and gather this kind of emails in quick time. I frequently receive the emails which aren’t directly sent to me, but just CC’d or BCC’d to me. After a certain-time observation, I discover that these emails aren’t very useful to me. Therefore, I hope that I can assemble them in one folder, such that it won’t mess up my Inbox and I can check them easily whenever I...

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How to Auto Add Current Date to the Subjects of Your Outlook Emails

If you get used to inputting the current date in the subjects when writing emails in Outlook, why not let Outlook add the date automatically? This article will introduce the quick method to you. When writing emails to my superior, I prefer to type the current date to the email subject. Thus I always need to check the date at first and then enter the numbers one by one. In order to improve efficiency, I find out a useful way to have Outlook add the current date for me. Here are the elaborate...

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