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How to Save Time by Opening Multiple Excel Workbooks at the Same Time

You may store different types of data and information in different workbooks. So here we will guide you on how to save time by opening multiple workbooks at the same time. In your work, if you are working on a large project, it is naturally that you need to open several worksheets. And in a new day you begin to work, you need to open those workbooks one by one. If they are in the same folder, you can select them all and then open. But sometimes, those workbooks will separate in different...

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How to Clear All Error Values Quickly in Your Excel Worksheets

In an Excel worksheet, you meet error values in using formula or in other aspects. And in this article, we will discuss about how to clear all error values in your Excel worksheet quickly. Excel is specially designed to calculate and analyze data and information. But sometimes you will find that there will be errors in cells. Reasons can be various, such as there are some wrong elements in a formula. Thus, you need to clear the error values in your sheet. However, sometimes there are many...

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How to Auto Categorize Appointments in Outlook Calendar

Many people prefer to use color category in Outlook to classify emails, contacts, appointments, etc. This article will look at how to let Outlook color categorize appointments automatically. So as to manage my appointments in Outlook more effectively, I tend to color categorize them. One day, after I created one appointment, I intended to color categorize it. An idea occurred to my mind. How can I have Outlook do this work automatically for me? If you have the same aspiration, read on to...

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