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184 Best Excel Resources on Internet

In this article, we collect and categorize the best 184 online Excel resources. Excel is the most popular spreadsheet software in the world. In this article, we have collected the most useful 184 Excel resources on Internet. It is absolutely the biggest list of Excel resources online. And we will update it regularly when new resources are discovered. Just read, comment, share or bookmark it as you like. To make it easy to read and utilize all these resources, we have classified all the...

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How to Quickly Check All RSS Feeds Updated Today in Outlook

Some people are complaining that it’s a bit hard to check all the news from multiple RSS Feeds. They have to go through all the RSS Feeds folders to check them. In this article, I will present a quick tip for you. If you have added several RSS Feeds in your Outlook, you must have noticed that you cannot check all the subscribed items directly in “RSS Feeds” folder, you have to open its subfolders to check them. It is a little inconvenient especially when you try to view all the RSS...

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How to Monitor the Changes in Your Excel through the Camera Tool

In an Excel file, you will certainly change some values. Thus, to monitor the change of result is very important. And the camera tool can be a very effective method. In our previous article, we have introduced about the Watch Window: How to Monitor the Changes of Important Cells through Watch Window in Excel. And in this article, we have another method which has the same effect. In this image, the source of the total number is from another worksheet “Sales Volume”. And this is a...

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