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How to Use Wildcard Characters to Find Certain Values in Excel

We will always use the find feature in Excel. And here we will talk about the usage of wildcard characters in Excel. If you need to find certain values without knowing the exact characters in Excel, you can use the wildcard characters. There are several wildcard characters in Excel. And in the following text, we will introduce them in detail. Asterisk (*) The asterisk represents any number of characters in Excel. In the image below, if you want to find the job numbers with the beginning...

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How to Sort Values Based on Custom Lists in Excel

The sort feature in Excel has a wide range of application. And today we will show you how to sort values by custom lists. The data and information can be well organized in Excel. However, if you need to deal with the worksheet which is in a mess, you will certainly apply the sort feature. This is a very commonly used feature in Excel. And in the following part, we will show you about sorting values by custom lists. Custom Lists In the image below, you can see that there is the information...

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How to Block Customized File Types in Outlook Attachments

By default, Outlook will block some potentially unsafe attachments, like .exe, .com and .bat files. Apart from the preset attachment file types, we can configure Outlook to block other additional ones. This article will teach you step by step. In our previous article “What to Do If Outlook Blocks Your Email Attachments”, we have discussed about how to release the blocked attachment file types as per our needs. Generally speaking, Outlook is so smart that it can recognize and block...

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