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4 Methods to Merge and Unify Two Lists with Different Formats

This article will look at ways to merge lists with different formats as well as their pros and cons respectively. Chances are that when you copy a text containing numbered list and join it with another one, there could be two different styles or levels of numbered lists. Question is how can you combine them avoiding messing up the document content? Let’s take the combination of two multilevel lists as an example. Following are 4 different methods to achieve the goal: Method 1: Use the...

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How to Prevent Others from Changing Your Excel File by Marking it as the Final Version

Excel can also be in different version. And today, we will talk about marking the file as the final version to protect your Excel. When you send your Excel file to other people, you will certainly want to tell him or her that this file is the final version. Instead of telling them directly, you can also mark the file as the final version. Therefore, they can know immediately from this form. And the following are the steps about marking the file. Mark the Final Version Click “File”...

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3 Practical Methods to Move around a Worksheet in Your Excel

Some basic manipulations in Excel are very clever. And in this article, we will introduce 3 methods to move around a worksheet. You will certainly move around worksheets to check for some data and information. And except for using the mouse wheel, there are also 3 ways to move. Method 1: Use the Scroll Bar This is a very common method in Excel. But it is very useful in your actual manipulation. There are two scroll bars in the interface of worksheet: the vertical scroll bar and the...

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