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3 Useful Tips on Creating and Managing Calculated Fields in Excel Pivot Table

Pivot table can sum up the values of columns when it is created. And to calculate the values of rows, you can use the calculated fields manually. The image below shows the sales volume of two products. To make things easier, we have created a pivot table in a new worksheet. You can see that the total sales volume of the months will be automatically calculated. But the total sales volumes of two products of each month don’t appear in this table. Hence, you can add the calculated...

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How to Utilize Data Form to Check Cell Values in Your Excel

The screen of computer is not large enough to display all the cells with values. However, the feature of data form can help you. In a worksheet, you will certainly input a lot of data and information into cells. However, the large capacity of Excel will also cause a problem. You are not able to see all the numbers in a whole row or column at once. In our previous article How to Switch Among Hundreds of Columns Swiftly in Excel, we have introduced an Excel tip of creating names to switch...

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6 Tips to Secure Your Data on the Cloud

Although cloud storage service has its own advantages in data backup, it is not 100 % secure. Thus if you select to back up your data on the cloud, you had better to follow the 6 tricks introduced in this article to safeguard your data in depth. When it comes to storing and protecting data, backups must be the best solution. For example, you can back up your Outlook files, which will greatly increase the chances of Outlook recovery in case of Outlook crashes. And recently, increasing data...

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