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2 Steps to Create Countdown Appointments in Outlook Calendar

By default, Outlook doesn’t support us to create a series of appointments that count down or up to a specific date. So in this article, we will introduce a quick method to create countdown appointments via 2 simple steps. Due to the fact that Outlook has no native support for counting down to a specific date, we have to create countdown appointments one by one. It’s troublesome and time-consuming. Actually we can look for other workarounds. For example, create the countdown items by...

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2 Methods to Add Digital Signature to Your Word Document

In this article, we will focus on showing you 2 methods to add digital signature to your Word document. It’s not uncommon that people choose to use digital signature to prevent others from changing their files. It’s universally known that we can enter password to protect Word file security. Actually, Word, too, allows you to add your own digital signature to your document so as to protect its integrity. Thus our topic today is to discuss the methods to achieve that. Method 1: Add a...

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3 Steps to Quickly Hide Unwanted Calendar Items in Outlook

At times, we may hope to hide the temporarily unneeded calendar items in Outlook. In this article, we will offer the fastest method, which enables you to hide unwanted items just by one right click. For some reasons, sometimes Outlook users may want to hide unwanted items from view. When it comes to hiding items, “Filter” feature in view settings must be the best tool. But it would be cumbersome to individually add the unwanted items to “Filter” every time when we need. In reality,...

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