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The Beginner’s Guide to Access SQL Syntax

SQL is a database programming language that gives you the controls you need to pull data. While the basics of SQL are the same regardless of your database type, there are a few things specific to Access SQL. One of the best known programming languages is the Structured Query Language, or SQL. Some would even say it is essential for any programmer to know. It is certainly essential if you are responsible for managing a database. If you are responsible for a database with multiple Access...

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2 Methods to Match the Text Box Size with the Inside Text Size in Your Word

In this article, we are going to introduce you 2 methods to match the text box size with the inside text size in your Word. There and then you must have inserted text box into your Word document. However the problem remains there is that when you drag the text box to enlarge or narrow its size, the size of the text within does not change accordingly. What an ailing issue! As usual, we are here to relieve you from the big headache. As a matter of fact, it’s not a rocket science to...

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How to Prevent Unintentional Editing on Your Word Document by Locking It

In this article, we will go about the way to lock your Word document so as to safeguard file security. An Alternative Way to Secure Word Files In our day to day office work, one thing we can never get away is to create various Word documents. Yet in an office environment where people come and go, and some people even share one computer, how can you guarantee your file security and prevent it from being accidentally changed by others? Certainly, taking use of password can well protect your...

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