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How to Password Protect VBA Codes in Your Excel Worksheet

Except for setting passwords for your Excel files and worksheets, now you can also password protect VBA codes. In this article, we will show you the method to fulfill this task. VBA codes in a macro-enabled workbook are certainly very essential to your work. Hence, you need to protect those codes. Among all the protection methods, you can set passwords for the codes. And below are the steps about this task. Protect VBA Codes Open the target file that contains the VBA codes that you...

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10 Useful Tips to Print Your Word Document Better

There are 10 useful tips in this article to print your Word documents correctly and cost-effectively in 10 different situations. Inevitably, you will have to print your Word file once you finish working on it. To print a document is not a rocket science, but how about doing it in an efficient and environment-friendly way? To name just a few, do you know how to correctly print on both sides manually? Moreover, do you know how to print a mirror image of your Word document? Anyway, this...

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4 Effective Methods to Insert Multiple Rows or Columns into Your Worksheet

Inserting rows or columns into a worksheet is a very easy process. But sometimes you need to insert multiple rows or columns into a worksheet. You can use the 4 methods in this article. Due to the need of a task, you will need to insert multiple rows or columns into a worksheet. The image below shows a list of product names. And now you need to insert 5 rows after row 8. And you can follow the steps below to learn those different methods. Method 1: Insert Manually This is the most...

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