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4 Quick Methods to Search for Non-Empty Cells in Your Excel Worksheet

Some blank cells in a worksheet are actually not empty. But their existence will make you confused. Therefore, you need to find those non-empty cells in your Excel worksheet. There are many conditions that a cell will be non-empty while the content in it is invisible. For example, a formula will return null value, the font color in the cell is the same as the fill color, or the invisible values that returned by VBA macros. All those reasons can make the content invisible. But actually those...

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2 Effective Methods to Convert Older Excel File to New Format

In older formats of Excel workbooks, you cannot use some new features. Thus, here we provide two effective methods to convert the file formats. If the format of a file is an older version, you cannot use the new features in newer version of Excel application. However, new features can save you a lot of time and energy. Therefore, in order to use the newer features, you need to convert file formats. And below are two different methods to save Excel workbooks as newer file formats. Method 1:...

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How to Protect Your Outlook Data from Unauthorized Access

In order to protect privacy and personal data, a majority of Outlook users long for effective methods to prevent unauthorized access to their Outlook data. This article will focus on this issue and provide some tips. In the contemporary era, with the development of IT technology, it is increasingly difficult to protect our data from loss, corruption or being stolen. The same holds true for Outlook data. Fortunately, Outlook comes programmed with some native functions to protect data. The...

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