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4 Quick Ways to Make Your Word Table Cell Accommodate More Characters

In the following article, we will provide you with 4 quick ways to enable your Word table cell accommodate more characters. While working on a Word table which requires fixed size, you may come across such a situation when a certain cell fails to accommodate enough words you need. Therefore, this article aims at offering you 4 different methods available in 2 varying situations. Just take a look and apply them accordingly. Situation 1: No Requirements on Font and Font Size First, if your...

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2 Steps to Auto Mark Junk Emails as Read in Outlook

Outlook will show either the number of unread items or the total number of items in “Junk Email” folder.  If you wouldn’t like to see the alert of number and even hope to ignore the junks, why not let Outlook auto mark junk emails as read? This article will offer you a quick method. Outlook permits us to choose to show either the number of unread items or total number of items for all the mail folders. I prefer to get reminders for the number of unread items. So I’ve set all the...

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