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Why Numbers in Parentheses will Change into Negative Numbers in your Worksheet

When you input numbers with parentheses into cells, they will change into negative numbers. And in this article, we will help you figure out this problem. If you deal with Excel frequently, you may have already found this phenomenon. When you input parentheses for a number and then press “Enter”, the number in the cell will become a negative number immediately. The parentheses will be replaced by the minus sign “-“. To figure out the reason, you may continue reading this...

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How to Manage Tasks in an Attractive Milestone Chart in Your Excel Worksheet

Chart can reflect the schedules more intuitive in Excel. Hence, here we will show you the method of creating an attractive milestone chart in your worksheet. Instead of showing data and the relating information in a chart, you can also input your schedules in a milestone chart. With this attractive chart, it will be hard for you to forget any of the tasks. The image below shows the test tasks of certain products. And now we will use this example to show how to create such a milestone...

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How to Auto BCC Specific Emails to a Certain Person with Outlook VBA

If you frequently need to BCC specific emails to certain persons, you must hope that Outlook can automatically add the person to BCC field. This article will teach you how to realize it. By default, Outlook rule can help us to auto CC specific emails to selected persons. But it doesn’t support auto BCC. If you’re always required to BCC specific emails to certain contacts, you should look for other methods, such as by add-ins or VBA codes. Here we will teach you achieve auto BCC by means...

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