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2 Quick Methods to Select and View Cell Values Easily in Your Excel Worksheet

Sometimes you need to select and view values in a worksheet with huge amount of data and information. You can use the two methods in this article to finish this task. Viewing values in a worksheet is necessary in your work. When there are a lot of data and information in the worksheet, you will find it difficult to finish this task. In the image below, there are the sales volumes of many sales representatives. You will easily make mistakes with such a big worksheet. And now we have...

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How to Improve Your Efficiency by Highlighting the Expiry Dates in Excel Worksheet

You will certainly input the task and the date plan into Excel worksheet. Here we will introduce a method to highlight those expiry dates to improve your efficiency. When you have many tasks to do, you can use the Excel to make your plans. However, with so many tasks to finish, sometimes you may forget one or two. The image below shows the test activities and the expiry dates in a worksheet. In order not to forget one of the dates, you can highlight those cells to remind yourself. Now...

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How to Prevent Error Messages in Reports in Older Versions of MS Access

If you are using an older iteration of Ms Access, Error Messages in Reports are fairly common. In this article we look to avoid them by performing some simple steps. Like it happens with many other applications and objects, the older editions become obsolete as the new and advanced ones take over. Also old versions of software are typically more prone to errors than current ones. In the 2003 and older editions of MS Access, an error message used to appear in reports if there was no record...

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