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3 Easy Steps to Remind Recipients in Outlook

In this article we will explore how we can create reminders for our recipients, in case that they forget replying us. Everyone must have met the situation that someone forgets replying us. In this situation, we would be always waiting their reply for a long time. I suppose that everyone doesn’t like this kind of limitless waiting. Perhaps we could call that person directly by telephone. However, at times it is not convenient for us to contact with someone by telephone. For example, we...

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A Quick Look at Some of the Key Features Introduced in Ms Outlook 2016 Iteration

In this article we go over some of the new and updated features and functions that have been rolled out in Ms Outlook 2016 It’s true that Outlook 2016 does carries the same much appreciated tools and features that you have been using in its earlier versions, but apart from it there are a bunch of new and improved features as well for managing various tasks that you perform while working on it. Be it in the contacts, calendar, and tasks or in the mailbox itself, these new features have been...

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2 Knacks You Have to Know about Outlook Holidays

Many people know that Outlook has calendar, to which they can add their events, meetings, etc. But do you know that you can add outlook holidays to calendar as well? Every day we add many meetings, appointments to Outlook calendar. We must be tired of these busy schedules. Thus it is time to see more relaxing time in our schedule. Unquestionably, everyone longs for the coming of holidays. It is only on holidays that we can completely relax ourselves by travelling outside or enjoying a party...

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