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How to Count Received Emails at Certain Periods

Have you ever tried to count received emails yesterday or last week? In this article, I will introduce a good method to count emails. I’ve ever thought about how I can calculate the sum of received emails at a certain period of time. As we all know, we can see the number of emails in our inbox and unread emails. However, if we want to see the number of emails that we received last week, what can we do? I have tried a stupid method - that is to count the emails one by one. In this way,...

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Check Out All New Jazzed up To Do Bar in Ms Outlook 2016

In this article, we will explore the new jazzed up To Do Bar in the 2016 iteration of Ms Outlook Outlook 2016 is a powerful version that comes packed with improved and smart features that were never seen before. One such improved feature that you can enjoy in this new update of MS Outlook is the To Do Bar that was earlier introduced in the 2010 version but with some shortcomings. This time, the makers have included the To Do Bar fixing all the bugs in Office 365 version. Earlier this feature...

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2 Steps to Make Emails Auto-Classified in Outlook

Facing many emails in Outlook, we will find it difficult to search out the emails we want. Now let’s learn how to make emails auto-classified. In our daily life, we just use Outlook to send and receive emails. For individuals, Outlook may be only a standalone email client. However, nowadays, organizations like using Outlook to manage a multiple of email accounts. Every day they will receive and send many emails. There must be hundreds of emails in their Outlook. Unquestionably, it will...

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