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Viruses and Ms Outlook – How to Keep Your Email Client Safe

In this article we look at keeping the email client safe from malicious viruses that can compromise your data. It is true that the biggest threats for a computer user today are virulent viruses and in fact, every other day, a new kind of computer virus is introduced by the hackers around the world just to steal your important data and personal information for misuse. The two main thresholds of virus attacks are firstly through emails and secondly through net browsing. In the first case, when...

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3 Simple Steps to Get Mail Favorites Back

Many people are puzzled about the issue of missing Mail Favorites. In this article, we will probe into its cause and effect in detail. As we all know, when we open Outlook, it will stay in “Mail” pane by default. And Outlook conspicuously positions Favorites at the upper left. In addition, it just comprises three folders, namely Inbox, Sent Items and Deleted Items, which are all the most frequently-clicked folders in “Mail”. Instead of individual account file, more people prefer...

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5 Rapid Steps to Change Date Navigator Font

If you are tired of the display style of date navigator, you must be glad to learn the good method of changing its fonts in this article. When it comes to Date Navigator, also called as Navigation calendar, its location and style will occur to our mind promptly. Evidently, no one is strange about it. It is located on To-Do Bar at the right part of Outlook by default. In general, it only shows one-month calendar, which permits us to look up date in “Mail” pane without needs to turn to...

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