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3 Steps to Create & Change Reminders for Calendar Items in Batches

Many people are accustomed to creating or changing reminders for calendar items one by one. Actually we can create and change them in batches just by the following 3 steps. Sometimes the time of scheduled meetings may be changed. Accordingly, I need to change the reminder time for the meeting items in Outlook as well. In the past, I am used to changing them one by one. But since I knew how to changing in batches, I really thought that the former method is too stupid. Now I will share this...

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How to Improve Your Efficiency by Adding Often-Used Templates to Outlook Jump List

The jump list refers to the list that shows up when you right click the Outlook icon on the taskbar. You can add your frequently used message templates to the list, which will improve efficiency. In the previous article – “How to Improve Your Work Efficiency via Outlook Templates”, we have mentioned that in order to use message templates, we should go to “Developers” > “Choose Forms”. Actually we can easily pin them to the jump list, which can help us access to them with...

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Why Not Utilize Bookmarks to Quickly Jump to a Specific Location in Outlook Messages?

Same as MS Word, Outlook also comes loaded with bookmark feature. Via utilizing bookmarks, we can quickly skip to the specific location in the messages without needs to scroll through large blocks of text. No matter in my drafts, received emails or sent emails, I always prefer to add bookmarks, such that I can quickly locate my desired places. Of course, to those received and sent emails, I should set the message in edit mode at first and then can add the bookmarks. Here are some tips...

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