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What to Do If You Get “Microsoft Outlook has stopped working” Error?

No matter when you are starting Outlook or have been using Outlook, “Microsoft Outlook has stopped working” error message may pop up without any warning. This article will discuss about its roots and relevant solutions in depth. "Microsoft Outlook has stopped working" error could occur due to a number of different reasons, including faulty add-ins, missing or damaged DLL file, incorrect Outlook configuration and so on. Of course, corrupted PST file is also an equally significant factor,...

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How to Remove the Flags of Outlook Emails Individually or in Batches

Outlook not only allows you to flag emails by yourselves but also permits the others to send flagged emails to you. If you’ dislike receiving this kind of flags, you could remove them. This article will teach you how to remove the flags individually or in batches. Sometimes for future follow-up, I will flag some emails which are related to some important working. In this case, I can see them in my task list. However, after completing the task, I prefer to remove the flags instead of mark...

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How to Improve Outlook Performance by Clearing Attachment Cache

If you exit Outlook without closing the opening email attachments, the attachment cache will be created automatically. Mounting attachment cache will definitely worsen Outlook performance. This article will tell you how to find and clear the cache. I prefer to open email attachments in Outlook instead of saving them in advance. And occasionally, I may close Outlook by accident when reading attachment. Actually in the past, I haven’t noticed the attachment cache until I met an error when...

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