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What to Do if Scanpst.exe Freezes when Repairing Outlook PST Files?

As we all know, Outlook is prone to corruption. So it comes packed with a free tool – scanpst.exe. However, at times, the built-in tool may function improperly, too. This article will mainly throw light on the issue that Scanpst.exe freezes. Recently, I updated my Outlook as it suggested. But later when I restart Outlook, I received an error message, saying that errors have been detected in my PST file. So I intend to repair Outlook file with the help of Inbox repair tool. After scanning...

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How to Auto Categorize Appointments in Outlook Calendar

Many people prefer to use color category in Outlook to classify emails, contacts, appointments, etc. This article will look at how to let Outlook color categorize appointments automatically. So as to manage my appointments in Outlook more effectively, I tend to color categorize them. One day, after I created one appointment, I intended to color categorize it. An idea occurred to my mind. How can I have Outlook do this work automatically for me? If you have the same aspiration, read on to...

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How to Convert Between Text and Table in Outlook Messages

As we all know, in MS Word, we can convert text to table and vice versa freely. The same holds true for Outlook. This article will discuss about how to convert between text and table in Outlook messages. Sometimes when I try to copy a table of statistics from an external file to Outlook message, the table will be shown in text instead of in table. It may mess up the data. In this case, I wish to convert the text to table without needs to create a new table and input the data one by one. Here...

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