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6 Tips to Secure Your Data on the Cloud

Although cloud storage service has its own advantages in data backup, it is not 100 % secure. Thus if you select to back up your data on the cloud, you had better to follow the 6 tricks introduced in this article to safeguard your data in depth. When it comes to storing and protecting data, backups must be the best solution. For example, you can back up your Outlook files, which will greatly increase the chances of Outlook recovery in case of Outlook crashes. And recently, increasing data...

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How to Send an Outlook Appointment to Other Persons

You must have been familiar with sending meetings to other persons. But do you know how to send an Outlook appointment and permit the recipients to add to their own calendar? This article will offer you a quick way. On one occasion, I would like to send an Outlook appointment to others without creating and saving the appointment in my own calendar ahead of time. Also, I wish to ensure that the recipients can add the Outlook  appointment to their calendar. After some research, I find out the...

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How to Disable Attachment Preview in Outlook for Security Considerations

By default, you can preview the received email attachments in reading pane. But at times, the attachments may carry embedded viruses. In order to prevent that case, you can directly disable attachment preview. This article will be a quick guide. Generally speaking, when I receive an email with attachments, I prefer to preview them just in reading pane. It is pretty convenient. However, there are some potential security risks here. If the attachments encompass any macro codes or other types...

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