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How to Change and Reset the Location of Outlook New Mail Alert

Outlook New Mail Alert always pops up in the bottom right corner of Desktop. Of course, we can also change it to a more striking location, like the middle of the screen. This article will discuss about how to change and reset its location. To be honest, I’m very dependent on Outlook New Mail Alert, which prevents me from missing any important emails. In addition, so as to make it more arresting, I move it to the middle of my Desktop. Now I will introduce the approaches to adjust and...

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How to Split Outlook Message Window for More Convenient View

When we receive a pretty long email message in Outlook, we will have to scroll up and down repeatedly to view it. It is a little bit cumbersome. So why not use “Split window” feature in Outlook? This article will talk about it in detail. By splitting Outlook message window, you will be able to view a long message in 2 areas, both of which are scrollable and editable. In this case, irrespective of how long the messages are, you can view them without repetitively scrolling upward and...

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How to Change the Map Service Used by Outlook Contacts

When you open a contact item, you will see a “Map It” button in “Addresses” part. It allows us to check a contact’s address in a map. As a rule, Outlook use Bing Map as the default mapping service. You can also change it as per you preference by the following method. When I add an address to an Outlook contact, I am accustomed to checking it in a map. Fortunately, Outlook is so kind that it offers a mapping service. In first run, I find that it is using Bing Map by default. But...

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