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How to Add a “Notes” Column for Your Outlook Messages

If you’ often need to add personalized notes or remarks to Outlook messages, why not customize a "Notes" column in the email list? This article will introduce you the detailed operations to achieve it. A previous article “4 Easy Methods to Insert a Note into Your Outlook Messages” has introduced 4 effective approaches to add a note into the emails, including customizing a follow up flag, editing the message subject or body and attaching a Note item. In comparison to the 4 workarounds,...

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How to Get Notified When an Email Arrives in Outlook VBA

In order to do a specific job when a new email arrives into our inbox, we need a VBA function to be triggered. This article focuses on achieving that. Working with Outlook Events A lot of Outlook applications require some action to be performed when a new email arrives into the inbox. Sometimes this requirement is to automatically save the attachments on a disk drive and at times uploading the email to some 3rd party web server. Outlook provides a number of events to work with, among them is...

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