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Why Network Attached Storage Is an Advisable Data Backup Option?

To put it simply, a network attached storage (NAS) device is a mix of external hard drive and the cloud-based storage. This article will delve into the NAS and tell you 5 reasons why it is a wise data backup option. The previous article “What’s the Best Backup Options for Your Data?” has thrown some light on the Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. In brief, they are hard drives connected to the network. But unlike the traditional hard drives, Network Attached Storage (NAS) device...

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How to Change the Email Display Name Formats of All Your Contacts in Batches with Outlook VBA

Outlook will show all the contact emails in its default display name format, namely “full name (email address)”. If you dislike it, you’ll need to change it manually every time when creating new contacts. This article will teach you a quick way to change them in batches with Outlook VBA. When you create a new Outlook contact, after you input the full name and email address and then click into the “Display as” box, the default display name will be filled in automatically, shown as...

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How to Let Outlook Ask Whether to Save a Copy When Sending Emails

When resending or forwarding an email, you may want not to save a copy in your Sent Items folder. This article will teach you how to configure Outlook to prompt for saving a copy or not with Outlook VBA. In reality, for most common emails, you must prefer to save their copies in your Sent Items folder. Nevertheless, in some situations, such as when you resending, forwarding an email or when this email carries a very large attachment, you may think it unnecessary to keep a copy. Under these...

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