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How to Always Send Outlook Emails in Plain Text Format for Specific Contacts

If someone can only receive emails in Plain Text, it will be troublesome for you to change the email format every time when sending emails to them. This article will teach you to make Outlook auto send emails in Plain Text to the specific contacts. As we all know, the emails in Plain Text doesn’t support pictures, text formatting, background and stationary. Therefore, if you send emails in HTML format to the recipients who can only receive emails in Plain Text, something wrong will occur....

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How to Auto Accept Specific Meeting Invitations and Update the Meeting Reminder with Outlook VBA

Many people desire that Outlook can auto accept specific meeting invitations, like invitations from specific organizers. Some users also hope that Outlook is able to auto update the reminder as per their own habits. This article will tell how to quickly accomplish it with Outlook VBA. When you want to create a rule to auto accept specific meeting invitations, you’ll find that you can only set the conditions, such as meeting requests from specific people, but there is no action to accept...

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How to Create a Drop-down List in Outlook Contact Form

Outlook supports you to design forms, no matter the message, task, appointment or contact form. Have you ever wanted to create a drop-down list in the default forms? This article will take Contact form as an example and teach you to create a custom drop-down list. When I create new contact, I tend to input the relationship with this contact, such as colleague, superior, friend, relative and others. In the past, I just created a new custom field called as “Relationship”, like the...

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