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How to Quickly Get the Total Number of Today’s Tasks and Appointments with Outlook VBA

Many people hope to quickly get the total number of tasks and appointments today in Outlook. Counting one by one manually is obviously error prone and troublesome. This article will look at this issue and introduce a method via Outlook VBA. At times, due to carelessness or forgetfulness, many people may leave some tasks or appointments, which are saved in Outlook, aside. If some of them are indeed important missions, the consequences may be disastrous. So some people would like to quickly...

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How to Include the Task Bodies when Printing a List of Tasks in Outlook

If you want to print the task list in Outlook, you will discover that the task bodies won’t be included. This article will look at this issue and help you include the task bodies when printing task list. By default, when you print an Outlook task, the task will be printed in Memo style. This style will include not only the task header, namely the task subject, time, etc., but also the task item body - task details. However, if you intend to print the task list, Outlook will use the Table...

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How to Auto Display the Member Counts in Outlook Contact Groups

Outlook cannot count and show you the number of members in your contact groups. Thus if you want to make it to auto count and display the member counts in your contact groups, you have to resort to Outlook VBA. This article will tell you how to realize it. In the previous article-“2 Methods to Count the Members in Your Outlook Contact Group”, you can learn how to quickly get the number of the members in a contact group with Outlook VBA. It will show you the number in a popup message box....

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