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How to Auto Check and Display If the Incoming Emails Are BCC’d to You with Outlook VBA

In order to prevent yourself from replying the emails which are simply BCC’d to you, you must desire that Outlook can auto check and display if the incoming emails are BCC'd to you. This post will teach you how to create a new column for the “BCC” info with Outlook VBA. Actually in my previous article – “How to Auto Mark Each Email BCC’d To You with a Warning Notice in Outlook”, I’ve introduced a workaround that can create a warning for the emails BCC’d to you, like the...

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How to Create a Contact Group with the Senders of the Selected Emails via Outlook VBA

Some users hope to create a new contact group for the senders of several emails in Outlook. This article will look at this issue and teach you how to quickly achieve it with Outlook VBA. At times, you may want to create an Outlook contact group for all the senders of several selected emails. For example, you and these senders will be responsible for a new project together. So you must have a great deal of email communication with them. In this case, it will be much convenient for you to...

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How to Quickly Create a Series of Countdown Appointments with Outlook VBA

If you want to create several appointments which are correlative, you can use the method introduced in this article. It permits you to create a series of countdown appointments simply by a button with Outlook VBA. Occasionally, in Outlook, you may need to create a series of appointments, such as several appointments counting down to a specific date. In this situation, if you create them one by one, you must feel troublesome. Of course, you can use Excel to create the countdown appointments...

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