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How to Quickly Open a Specific Word Document or Excel Workbook in Outlook via VBA

Perhaps when you compose emails, you may frequently need to refer to specific files which are stored in your local hard disk, like a word document or a excel workbook. So this article will teach you to quickly open specific files from Outlook via VBA. Are you often required to check or refer to specific files when you deal with your emails in Outlook? For instance, your company has set many rules for the emails which are sent to our clients and the rules are listed in a specific Word...

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How to Auto Move Specific Recipients from “TO” to “BCC” Field When Sending Emails

If you’re accustomed to sending emails to specific persons by BCC so as to protect their privacy, you can use the method introduced in this article. It can make Outlook to automatically move the specific recipients from “To” field to “BCC” field. For some reasons, you may need to always place specific recipients in “BCC” field instead of “To” field. For instance, you’re required to protect your boss’ privacy, so every time you reply an email to all the original...

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How to Auto Export Information of Incoming Emails to an Excel File with Outlook VBA

Many users hope that Outlook can automatically export the primary information of incoming emails to an Excel file. This article will look at this requirement and introduce a quick method via Outlook VBA. Sometimes, for some reasons, such as mail statistics, you may frequently need to export the emails to an Excel file. Generally, for the existing received emails, you can simply utilize the “Import and Export” feature to export them to Excel in one go. However, perhaps you even desire...

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