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How to Auto Apply a Specific Template When Replying to a Specific Person in Outlook

Outlook has no native feature to automatically use a specific message template to reply to the emails from a specific sender. Thus, if you would like to do this, you can refer to the method introduced in this article, which is resorting to Outlook VBA. Outlook permits you to create and design custom message templates. However, when you need to apply a template, the only is to select and open it from “Choose Form” dialog box. Apparently, it is considerably inconvenient. Also, by this...

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2 Methods to Batch Open All the Attachments in Your Outlook Email

When you receive an email which is appended with several attachments, sometimes, you may hope to open them in bulk. This article will look at this issue and introduce you 2 approaches to get it. You must have ever received such an email which contains several attachments. It is pretty easy to open one of the attachments simply by double clicking on it. But if you would like to quickly open all the attachments in batch, how you can get it? It’s obvious that Outlook doesn’t provide us with...

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How to Show the Sender’s Company in the Email List with Outlook VBA

Many people want to display the sender’s company in the email list. But there is no such a ready-made column in Outlook. If you hope to achieve it, you can use the method introduced in this article, which uses Outlook VBA. By default, Outlook has no native support to connect the email list with contacts. Therefore, you cannot achieve the contacts corresponding to the email senders in the mail list. The only way to check the sender’s company is putting your cursor over the sender’s...

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