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How to Auto Move Incoming Emails to Specific Folders Based on Attachment File Names

Many users hope that Outlook can automatically move and archive the incoming emails to specific mail folders according to the attachment file names. Thus, in this article, we will expose a quick way to help you get it with Outlook VBA. If you desire to auto move the incoming emails to the specific folders as per their attachments’ filenames, you will definitely think of using Outlook rule in the first place. However, you will finally discover that Outlook rule doesn’t have a feature to...

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2 Quick Methods to Replace the Font of Specific Text in an Outlook Email

When you compose an email, you may want to change the font of the specific text to highlight the specific text. This article will teach you how to quickly accomplish it by 2 means. In order to highlight important information when composing an email, at times, you may hope to make specific text stand out by showing it in the different fonts. Here we will expose 2 quick methods to you. Method 1: Replace the Font of Specific Text via “Replace” Feature At the very outset, compose...

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How to Use Outlook VBA to Prevent Moving Appointment to an Incorrect Calendar Date by Mistake

Many users complain that they always drag and move appointments to another date by mistake. This article will look at this issue and offer you a quick method to prevent moving an appointment to an incorrect date  via Outlook VBA. In Outlook, the default view for Calendar folders is “Calendar” view. In this view, you are permitted to move the appointments from the original date to another date simply via dragging. To be honest, it is indeed helpful in many cases. But it is inevitable...

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